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Polaris Global Logistics employee

Tim Poole | Team Lead

Always ready for a challenge

Tim Poole joined the PGL team in January 2016 as a Logistics Coordinator and quickly moved to his current position of Team Lead. With over 30 years of experience in freight management, there aren’t many transportation challenges that Tim hasn’t come across and successfully resolved.

In fact, finding great solutions for shippers is what Tim considers to be the best part of his job. Customers are then able to concentrate on running their business without having to worry about how to get product to their customers. He doesn’t claim all of the credit though. Tim says, “The dedicated staff at PGL work together to provide the flexibility, choice and capacity to best satisfy our logistics’ customers on each and every shipment placed in our care.”

When Tim takes a break from moving freight, you will find him spending time with his wife Sharon and daughters Allison and Carly. Tim also enjoys putting his logistics skills to the test on the golf course planning out hole-in-ones or at the hockey rink setting up the delivery of a goal, just before the buzzer.

Tim’s considerable logistics skills will be put to the test this August at his daughter’s wedding. His main duty though will be proudly escorting Allison down the aisle…in tandem of course. Another job well done.